Friday, May 28, 2010

i'm a happy girlfriend

today i went out for a date, with bie of course. =) it's been 3 months since we last met each other. gosh lama heck! patutla rindu..hehe i know, i'll snap out of it.

i was having not only butterflies, but also a big fat puss in the boots in my stomach when i was driving to fetch him at the bus station. i kept on vomiting stale air like uweekkk uwekkkk bcoz i was too nervous. berpeluh2 mcm this is our first date. apparently its not. we've been together for 3 years kot. i was so kiddo. teehee.

so we did what we usually did. EAT, stroll around the mall, EAT, karaoke-ing, EAT some more, window shopping, EAT, and poof, I GOT ROSES PEOPLE! hehe. gila jakun. i've been waiting for this moment for 3 years for god sake! hehe.

i've put up the picture of a cheap chubby model holding MY flower above all. sebab excited terlebih. excuse my riak-ness. i'm so happy bcoz he gave the flower in front of the crowd okay, memang speechless abis and nak melompat pun tak boleh. so terpakse act cool which is sooo me. hihi.

so what is the significant of 3 roses? i love u? or is it i miss u? i dont really know exactly. and why it has to be that colourful mcm pelangi? haha poor bie, this is the first time he ever bought roses for girls so he was too nervous while choosing the flowers. how cute. =) masa bagi bunga ni pun muka merah habis mcm kene udang panggang. yummy? haha.

3 indicates our 3 years of love, joy and sweet memories. =)

when i asked him when he'll going to buy me a dozen of roses, he told me to wait until our relationship reaches the age of 12. (=_=)''


Friday, May 21, 2010


i'm done with IB. lets just pray that our results will come out good. =) insyaAllah.

what to do next? tiba2 rasa macam kosong je hidup bile takyah study. rasa mcm ade something missing dlm hidupku. cewah!. haha

so happy. no more EE, IA, piling assignments, CAS and whatnot. rase rindu zaman kelam kabut buat EE, redo reports berulang kali, buat homeworks tak henti2. heh rindu sekejap je kot.

cant wait to go home, to meet bie! weh rindu gila nak dkat 3 bln tak jumpa. =( tak sabar!
nak hangout ngan kawan2 lama jugak! =) tp malas nak g btn. =(

speechless tiba2. mungkin terlampau gumbira. but i'm sure i'll be missing my 2 years of living here. i've got a bunch of great teachers and friends! =)

taktau nk cakap ape dah eh.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


eventhough tgn u mcm giant monster and tgn i mcm dwarf kontot, tapi i still sayang u. =)

happy 3rd year anni, love.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

lab chemistry

in memory