Saturday, November 15, 2014



One of my bestfriend is getting married next week.

This girl..hmm how should i describe her. Sangat clueless? She simply blurted out what she had in her mind, only to be scolded by us. Tapi itulah dia. One thing i learn from her, jangan berkira dgn kawan baik kita. She's super generous; i once told her i mengidam rambutan, the next day there's a plastic bag full of rambutan hanging on my doorknob. Sweet gila weyy. Haha. I came to appreciate her even more after that. Bila aku sakit, yg sibuk2 whatsapp tanya keadaan, belikan mknn, bwk klinik p beli ubat semua dia la jugak. Mcm boyfriend dah. ;p

I think she's the only one among us Malay girls that never fail to give everyone a birthday present, even though they didn't reciprocate back except for a few. Kalau aku dah kecik hati dah lols. Bila dia tumpang kete aku pun, dia la org first yg akan hulur duit minyak. Everytime. Tak kira la jauh or dekat destination. When i told her not to bcoz i used to ride her car so many times, she insisted on paying. Paham harga minyak naik katanya. Haha. But that just proves how generous she is. Jauh lagi hati aku ni nak jd ikhlas mcm dia.

I always tell her ''don't be so nice, ppl will pijak your kepala''. Terasa jahat pulak hasut dia cenggitu. To me, biarlah org kata aku garang, asal orang x pijak kepala aku. I really don't like it when ppl are taking advantage of me or my work. Manusia yg simply riding on my back to get through. I had enough of that from my school and college years. Anyway, she tried, but failed. Budak ni mmg lembik hati dia. Cepat kesian. Dalam kelas tu, siapa je yg tak pernah cari dia bila susah. I pitied her, sbb bila turn dia susah, not many will really offer a helping hand. Instead ppl including me, easily raise their voice at her when she's being clueless or senseless. sbb geram. I'd feel very guilty afterwards, but i know sometimes she needed that for her to realize what we meant.

I become her bestfriend a bit late. But better late than never. Wishing her all the happiness in the world and a blessed marriage because she really deserves it. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014



I miss cycling. I want a bicycle. Or maybe join a cycling club though i know i'm not that committed. I used to cycle 4 to 5 km everyday when i was in primary school and I've always enjoyed it with my childhood friends.

Back in Manipal, there's a period where i went to jog everyday *semangat nak kurus* and when i'm not in the mood to jog, i opted to cycle instead. i borrowed my friend's bicycle and cycle all around my campus enjoying the view and not so fresh air.

Too bad here i don't know where can i go cycling and renting a decent bike apart from Taman Botanikal Melaka. There, the route is good and challenging but the bike's condition is very bad. Not really safe for use. Thankfully, my bf once brought me to cycle at Taman Botani Shah Alam which was more satisfying and the bike's condition was actually pretty okay *if you're lucky*. So one spot in Shah Alam. Back in my home in Ipoh, even my housing area is good enough for me but my brother's bicycle rosak la pulak :( Somebody pls give me a cool bicycle!! T__T