Monday, September 29, 2008

the voyage begins

its not a special journey anymore.

bcoz i stayed there. n will be staying there 4 another 1 and 3/4 years. duhh.

my little bro will sing the balek kampong song everytime he watched a raya iklan on the tv.

but my raya spirit isn't there.yet. big o.

the voyage is tomorrow. n im still off for raya. at dis very momentos.

luckily, my dad will treat us 4 sate kajang. yeah2. im on for sate kajang. yippee.

n i felt a rush of excitement in my heart as i imagining kuah sate yg lemak berkrim itu.

oh.tidak tertahan lg. trus brsmgt packing bag.

trimas sate kajang. i owe u a lot.

pray to arrive there safely. mlm ni pektis doa naek knderaan.

to whom i heart, may u guyz have a splendid raya this year.

eid mubarak ppl. maaf zahir batin.


mission accomplished!!

im agent xoxo.

my mission was to find a beatiful shoes.for raya.

terms applied :
  • no pain.
  • no black.
  • preferably gold. silver is considerable.
  • no peep toe. huduh di kakiku.
  • rm70 n below. fulus sengkek.
  • comfortable.
  • make my feet a lot cuter. (hopefully)

so the mission begun. jihad!

my eyes played the vital role. seek n searched n spotted.

i thrived. i swam. i ran. i grabbed. i pushed. i pulled.

after 2 hours.

i failed. i disappointed. i sad. i hopeless. i tired. i dehydrated.

there's dis shoe i like yg amat sgt. but only size 8 was left 4 me. bpk besar. after that my heart closed itself to any other shoes.acecey.

i went home. with nothing.

my mum dropped by at giant. i loitered around. wasted time.

then. i found it. ohh. god. i finally found it. back into the agent mode. ehem2.

my saviour of the day. the turning point of my luck.

my s0-called saviour. its gold.huu.

its not that beautiful.

i know.i know.its not up to ur expectations.

who the bloody hell cares.asalkan ak ade kasut raye.

but it fulfilled the terms anyway. so im satisfied.

n the mission is accomplished.

i'll sleep wif a smile today.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


its all bcoz of my honeybee.

he made me cried in my heart.

he gave me the biggest kad raye i ever had.sgt bsar.enormous.siap ade lagu lg.

i want to upload the pix but the internet is bengong-ing.harap maaf.

maybe i'll upload it later.

anyway,maceh bie!!! sayang bie.



home cweet home

i'm home!!!


n my mum msk my all time fav-tomyam n kueyteaw basah!!yippee

i ate

i ate

i ate

n i cannot body was curled up.i can't stand up st8!!

then i slept.

n slept until 10.30 pm.

next morning,(afternoon actually)i woke up at 2.30 pm.gosh. anak dare ape nih.

then watched dead silence with the whole family sticking their eyes to the tv.

saye penakut sbnanye.i closed my eyes more than i opened them.

then g drive.polishing my skills.pektis drive jauh2. nnt nk g amek bie kat stesen bas.

home. tringat keje chemy n bm.

ohh.throw it away.

still hav 2 weeks.ngeh3.myra said that.

tomorrow nk g shoping kasut in the mood for wedges.mntk2 ade yg cun.

ok.klopak mate n pipi dah nak bercantum.


Monday, September 22, 2008

invader, sheet u!!

i dont hav any idea what had happen to me dis recent.

my fs n ym had been invaded by an anonymous stranger.

whoever it was, plesla wey.dont disturb people's privacy.get a life.

stop viewing my so-called private pixx.

stop sending me those stupid threats.

stop burdening me wif ur sarcastic comments.

n stop invading ny life.


plz,get urself a life.


no smooches 4 today.


the countdown begins..

another 5 days

i'll be away from this prisoner of kms


balek kg..wowowow blek kg..wowowow blek kg..

hati girang..=D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

saye tidak mahu pulg

i dont want to go back to kms.

bloody hell kms



kami kreatif =P

its saturday.time to wake up late. very late.

mentang2 lap repot chemy dh ciap

but then i remembered that i have this trip to srmbn craft complex dis evening. at 3 pm. duhh.
if its not for the stupid cas hours, i wouldnt waste my time to see ppl anyaming basket n tikar like robots.

then mazni called. told us that we're late. mmg saje bwat prangai lazybum pn. when we got down, everybody was waiting 4 us. yang berhormat le katekan..

we arrived at the complex around 3.10 pm kot. as soon as i enterd the complex, my jaw dropped to the lowest point it can reached. astonishing!! astounding!! cun gle la weh. kalah umah ak. no. umah ak lawa lg actually. then we loitered around, checking the displayed crafts.

next, the anyaming demonstration by a cutiey klate sis. she was so competence, finishing her work flawlessly. then we're given the chance to try.amy was so excited, she grabbed the rotan first. i tried too; with a trembling jadi was kinda fun but only 4 a while. im not the one who enjoyed doing the same routine monotonously.

i was fascinated by the creativity of these anonymous ppl who turned the rattans into many beautiful, adorable n useful furnitures. i love the make-up table the most.

we loitered again for the 2nd round. snapped pix here n there cam budak jakun.
n i nearly broke down the golden kendi while busy posing 4 the camera.seb bek.kalo x mmpos ak kene byr blek. it was obviously obvious that we're never been to any craft complex b4 dis.

i bought 2 dryflower bukmarks as a souvenier 4 me n my honeybee. 3 rggt stu.abeh duit.seb baek lawa.

this trip had changed my perception a lot about the craft industry (acecey). this craft thingy is not idle n monotonous, it symbolize creativity, scrupulosity and competency of the craft makers. so lets be a craft maker!!

otw heading back to the mcs, pakcik bas brought us to the paroi's bazaar ramadhan n i ended up buying puding kastard yg x cdap.

anyway, it was a splendid trip n i enjoyed it.



dengan ini sukacitanya dimaklumkan

fana rosli sudah mnyiapkan lap repot chemy ngan jayenye

smue krane dy sygkan ckgu khomah =D


Sunday, September 7, 2008


this is a tragic story between a couple. it was yesterday

around 1330, i was all geared up to study at perpustakaan tun raja uda(if i was not mistaken) at shah alm with my honeybee.

we went there by his honda bike. then we lost out of nowhere. it was like s.alam is a super duper big city with enormous amount of roundabouts that puzzled our minds everytime we passed it.

then. the nikmat Allah fell. heavily. few minutes later. super duper gle babeng heavily. he had his sweater but i was with nothing. n i was dubious if i was still in the fasting mode bcoz i was truly soaked and my penyek hijab made me looked hedious.

after half an hour, we found the library and entered with no mood of studying.we wasted our time there until 1600.

at 1916. it wat the time for breakfast. n there's nothing on our table except for shrinked dates and premier tissues.

at 2000. people next to us hd left with full stomach. but our stomach still empty. i was ready to fire the waiter/waitress(im not sure bout his/her sex..pengkid kot). but my fried rice came. lucky for him/her.

at 2045. we were on our journey back to intec uitm. abruptly, back tyre were gelong2 n we nearly fell. tayar bocor rupenye. we didnt know what to do. we called everybody that crossed our mind but it was useless.

at 2200, a police car reached us. he helped by giving us a workshop number. n thankfully, a mechanic came to help us to settle up the misery. mekacih abg polis n abg mekanik!!

at 2255, we continued our journey heading intec. syatees was very worried about us and we ruined her short film festival at pasar seni. millions sorry dear!!

at 2315, i reached intec. finally.

it was a sial day for me i guess. nseb bek n. grg n murtabak yg ak bli kat bazar tu cdap. trubat cket ati.

thats all.


Monday, September 1, 2008

oh lucky

im writing this fuelled by my passion for jason mraz's new single


omg,,this song..undeniably so sweet and meaningful

a must-listen song

last week pnat ak promote dis song to my clasmates

tp diorg wat dono je

huu cdey2


thats my stomach's languange expressing its starveness

br ingat nk trun g dapor mnum susu hl..nyam2

while stepping down the stairs, ak tepok dahi

"duhh,,ari ni pose!!"

how come i can 4get yg i dah melahap tomyam at 5 am dis morning?

huu cdey2 lg

i wonder what will be cooked by my lovely auntie mona for break fast nnt..

cant wait!!

camat berbuke sume!!(6 hours early,,layan ah)

im a baby blogger!!!

im new in this blog thingy
it looks like everybody hve their own blog xcept me..

waa,,im an alien

e.g: sumbody : "fana,ade blog x?"

fana : "mm..xde,ak xretila tulis2 ni..(ayat cover)"

then i read my frens' blogs

n decided

"ak pun nak bwat gak la"

n here i am in this world

thats all