Tuesday, July 3, 2012

paid dinners

enjoyed the supremo night and dinner with lecturers. ^__^ nothing much to say. we just went there, makan, snap pics sana sini, gosip2 sikit then balik with happy stomach. hihi.

 MGs :)

 lovely housemates :)) i'm the tallest nyehehe!

 geng nasyid bersama peminatnya yg berbaju pink.

my "favourite'' lecturer. hehe nasib baik dy cantik.

these events maybe my last events here in Manipal. :')


Monday, July 2, 2012

18 days

salam and hola!

finally i've completed all 4 blocks in my second year. which means i also completed my 100% attendance during Phase I of my BDS course. alhamdullilah for the good health throughout these 2 years. :)

the end of block 4 marks the embarkation of our study leave for the final university exam (supposedly 3 weeks) which means weeks of sleepless nights, overdose of caffeine, handa the panda eyes, less socializing with friends even if we're living under the same roof, headbanging moments, stress, etc.

i wonder how i passed this agonizing period last year. it's also monsoon season at that time but i managed to study all day long, memorizing tonnes of facts until i lost my voice since i memorized by speaking out loud to myself. i didn't even take my usual evening nap. i barely slept. i was too tired that when i told myself to have a 5 minutes nap in between the study times, i really slept for only 5 minutes on the chair with my head on the book. usually it took me around 15 minutes to golek2 atas katil first to get some sleep. at that time, bed, laptop and internet were the big no-no.

how hardworking i was back then. :p

i got lazier during my second year. during my first year i always studied from 8/8.30 p.m. to 1/2 a.m. i always got my notes ready on time and whenever i didn't study, i felt guilty the day after. but not this year. i was lazying around happily, stuck in my front of lappy doing this or that for hours or i just sleep. i regretted it the day after when i kept on procrastinating my work but that didn't change anything. i can't really stay up throughout the night like i did during my first year. at 12 i already yawned and too sleepy that i can't force myself to do any work anymore.

now i'm afraid.

how am i gonna face these 3 weeks?

maybe i should start with re-organizing my notes now. bye.