Tuesday, April 28, 2015



I never like long distance running. I used to be a sprinter. I've joined a few marathons in my secondary school because i can run that far as my stamina was tiptop at that time, never because i like it. I prefer aerobics and circuit training a hundred times more, even when i know from my experience that the fastest way to lose weight is by jogging.

Starting from end of last year, i started joining marathons as part of my effort to lose weight and reduce my bod fat percentage, also to remain fit. But now i'm not that good as i used to be. Selalu ja jalan in between sbb seriously penat nak mampuihh. Sometimes even while running i thought to myself "why did i join this??"

I almost forgot how much i love sports and regret it so much that i let 2 years passed by without any active participation in games, run or physical adventures. I regretted not joining aerobic regularly from my third year even when i know i love aerobics to the core since kms days. I've finally found something that i love doing that no matter how tired and busy i am with clinic and labworks, I will go for it anytime.

I'm hoping i can maintain this even when i'm in a long holiday after i finish school. Too bad aku tak tau any active aerobic club in Ipoh.