Friday, October 29, 2010

taman hitam

bila mau buat comeback??


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sapa kata dentistry senang?

who said dentistry is easy as compared to medicine course?

we have to endure the same pain, the same agony, in fact a more severe suffering as our course does not only requires memorizing, but also a lot of artistic talents and manipulations as i've said before.

we have to paint,

we also have to convert these wax blocks

into these *nicely* carved maxillary central and lateral incisors a.k.a your right and left gigi kapak and also gigi sebelah gigi kapak. =_=''

seriously, its not easy.

and this is one of the risk of choosing dentistry as your future career. my friend's finger got cut when she's using the plaster knife during prosthodontics practicals. pity her =(

so pls, don't underestimate this course although i firmly know that dentists will not be saved and given special priorities during earthquake because yeah, who needs a dentist during an earthquake? everyone will be begging for a doctor to save their life.

don't ever said that we're just a bunch of losers who couldn't make it to the MBBS course. memang nak kena pelempang sebijik.

but do u know, sakit gigi is given the second place in the top three list of the most excruciating pain one can ever experience?


Thursday, October 21, 2010

introducing my new place

pictures stolen from myra azmi and najaa basir's facebook.

pictures berterabur, tak ikut order.

drive slowly or u'll be dead / drive dead slow, man!

view from my apartment

my expensive apartment

me and farah in front of the apartment

at mangalore, eating expensive western food once in a very while

our first trip to mangalore

my class is at the basement of the below building

manipal's main building, nampak cantik credits to myra

the food court, filled with delicious and cheap food

there's this one shopping mall at mangalore that has cartoon drawings all over its wall. teringat kat cartoon kampung boy tiba2.

when i have my own camera, i'll introduce to u guyz many interesting things here in india. =)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

new life

hai semua! sebenarnye ade banyak gile bende nak crite pasal hidup kat india ni tapi mcm malas gila plus banyak sgt kena study tapi masa untuk tgk cter korea masih ada =P

1. of my university

or should i say, college? sebab nama penuh dy melaka-manipal medical college. i'm doing a twinning project by the manipal university whereby i need to do my first 2 years here in manipal and the subsequent 3 years back in melaka. i'm doing dentistry despite my university only got 'medical' on its name.

2. of my classes and studies

lecturers here are nice but their english slang are quite menghiburkan. at least terbukak jugakla biji mata dalam kelas kan. and we're seated in the lecture hall and labs according to our roll number (ID number). tadika aku pun tak buat mcmni dulu. at first i was among the sad backbenchers but now dah tukar class, so dpt seat tgh. suka2!

i'm taking 6 subjects which are dental anatomy and histology, dental materials, preclinical prosthodontics, anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. i'm fonder towards the dental subjects as compared to anatomy. head and neck anatomy is fine but not general anatomy. since my class has embarked a month ago, i've never study any bit of biochemistry and physiology because dental anatomy and anatomy are both a very time-consuming subjects what more with tests ans viva every week.

the practical classes are fun yet they made me suffered due to my lowly art talents that have been buried deep down beneath the earth since my primary school. carving, painting, polishing and etc really got on my nerves sometimes but at the same time i enjoyed doing all those artistic thingy.

3. of food

food here are awesome, delicious and cheap! i guess this is the advantage of living here. kat malaysia mana nk dpt makan sehari complete from breakfast to dinner tak sampai 10 ringgit. eventho bgnan2 n kedai2 kat sini mmg buruk, tapi food dy memang wallah!!

4. of homesick and tearful days

during my first2 weeks here in manipal, i cried almost everyday whenever i miss my family, especially hijjaz. at that time, i wish time will fly really fast so that i can go back to malaysia as soon as possible. but now, i don't feel like that anymore. with my great friends here, i wish to explore more of india sebab yelah kan, pasni bila lagi nk stg sini. fyi, i'm not going back this february instead i wanna go travel all over india with my friends.

5. of tuk-tuk

dulu hanya boleh tgk dlm cter hindustan tapi sekarang dh boleh merasa naik sendiri tuk-tuk ni. mula2 naik mcm excited gilaa tapi lama2 jadi takut sebab seriously, naik tuk-tuk kat sini mcm a suicidal attempt. tapi memang murahh sgt2 naik tuk-tuk ni. diorg selambe je redah jalan tak tgk kiri kanan even ade lori besar tgh lalu time tu. mmg dh byk kali menjerit2 tp driver dy buat bodo je.

oklah, dah taktau nak cter ape. lain kali sambung lagi. babai!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my parents

happy birthday to mak and abah!!!

fyi, their birthday are of the same date; 13th October. tahun je lain.

your daughter here is missing both of u there in Malaysia.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


rindu sangat kat budak gemok ini yang tak pernah mengaku dy rindu kat saya padahal saya tahu dy rindu saya sebab haritu dy cakap kat mak saya "adik rindu kak long laa". sedih tapi tak nak nangis.


Friday, October 8, 2010


hai ppl. this post is for u all to know and learn a pure indian cuisine which is scrumptious enough to make me (not you) drool whenever i think about it.

well, what i'm holding in the picture above is not a plain ikan goreng, its a bagada. don't ask me the meaning of it, i don't know. one thing i certain about bagada is that it was so delicious that i can ratah it sampai menghisap tulang ikan-apa-tah tu. over right?

thats all for now.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


zaman braces myrajemi

zaman braces-less myrajemi



as i said before, i lap u more than i lap bagada.

sorry yang, no pressie, no fireworks (?), no big celebration, but your friends are always with u to celebrate it anytime, anywhere when we're free from all those wax carvings, paintings, viva-ing, remembering all the intricate terms etc this weekend. =)

what is a bagada? mantap weh rasa dy. mcm ikan kukus. *iklan*


Friday, October 1, 2010

i wanna go home

rindu gila rumah, family, and semua2 laaaaaa. dah dpt sesuaikan diri, but still takleh nak hilangkan rasa homesick tu. mcm loser gila. i'm such a weakling. sobsobs.

classes were okay, lecturers were nice, things were like super duper cheap here, food was okay, water also okay, friends were fantastic, apartment was awesome except that its very expensive, auto (tuk-tuk) was a very fun yet suicidal ride.

what else?

i wanna go home but i must be strong.