Monday, November 30, 2009

back to the past

semua orang mesti ade katun feveret mase u all kecik2 dulu. yes, masa semua orang masih lagi bermuka innocent and comel2 belaka. bukan macam sekarang, muka semua dah tak suci. T_T what? u all tak tgk katun mase kecik? kesian, kecik2 dah nerd.

so my faveret one is SAILORMOON. tipu kalau u all taktau katun ni. mmg zaman kegemilangan habis mase i darjah 3 ke 4, im not sure. i ingat lagi, i sanggup bgn awal hari ahad sebab sailormoon start pukul 9 pagi. so 8.30 bangun, siap2 g mandi, makan nasi lemak semua, tau2 pukul 9 pagi dah terpacak depan tv, pasang tv2.

so lets refresh our mind with the beautiful sailors. bukan kelasi ye. take note on that. i sgt kagum dgn costume diorg sampaikan i penah tnye my mum kenape i pegi sekolah kene pkai baju kurung, tak boleh pakai skirt kembang mcm sailormoon. (=_=)''

here goes,, (drumroll) =)

sailormoon a.k.a usagi tsukino.

she's a crybaby. mase mule2 dy dpt power jadi sailormoon, dy refused bcoz she wanted to lead a normal life.

sailor power : moon

tuxedo bertopeng a.k.a. mamoru chiba

involved in an accident that snatched away his memory. has a precognitive ability and helped the sailors to fight demons. fell in love with sailormoon. aww.

power : mawar berduri. haha! kidding2. his fighting skills perhaps?

sailor mercury a.k.a. ami mizuno.

the nerdy of all sailors, with IQ of 300 (jaw dropped). a very shy and quiet person.

sailor power : water of all phases

sailor mars a.k.a. rei hino.

works as a Shinto priestess (dont ask me what is Shinto, i dont have any idea of what it is) and a very serious person.

sailor power : fire manipulation

sailor jupiter a.k.a. makoto kino.

very tall and strong and tomboyish. tapi dazzling hot. pandai memasak, berkebun dan mengemas rumah. calon isteri terbaek. (?)

sailor power : lightning and plant control

sailor venus a.k.a. minako aino.

a full-time dreamer. has a very high desire in becoming a singer which caused her to attend any auditions held. eh mcm description of madihah yusoff pulak kan. =PP

sailor power : love (a big question mark), lead the other four sailors

sailor chibi moon a.k.a. chibiusa.

the future daughter of usagi (sailormoon) and mamoru (tuxedo bertopeng), came from the 30th century. i hate this chibi chubby moon. dont ask me why.

sailor pluto a.k.a. setsuna meioh

the mysterious time guardian. a loner. BFF chibiusa. kayu sakti panjang semacam yg dy pegang tu is the key to space-time door.

sailor uranus a.k.a haruka tenoh

very masculine looking. (awwww) minah rempit terhebat of all sailors. but sgt stingy, nak keje ngan neptune, pluto and saturn je. eh gedik.

sailor power : sky

sailor neptune a.k.a. michiru kaioh

sumpah mmg gorgeous gila. a kick-ass lesbo as she fell in love with sailor uranus T_T. a skillful violinist and artist.

sailor power : ocean

sailor saturn a.k.a. hotaru tomoe

a sweet candy. has a dark family history as her daddy is a mad scientist (sumpah aku takkan kawen ngan scientist). a faithful daydreamer.

sailor power : silence (?) and has the ability to wield a powerful destruction force

artemis, diana and luna.

act as advisors to their respective owners. luna is the one who responsible to teach usagi to become a sailormoon. artemis is with sailor venus. diana is the daughter of luna and artemis, which act as the advisor for chibiusa.

actually, all these cats are human. tak percaya? tengok bawah ni.

thats all folks. btw, utk lepaskan rindu korg towards sailormoon , i'll leave u with the sailormoon theme song. sing along baby!

sailor moon and sailor neptune are my lovely faveret ones.
u all suka yg mana?

credits to wikipedia.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

salah tempat

im so annoyed with ppl who think that facebook is similar in standard with myspace.

come on ppl, civilized la cket. stop flooding my inbox with something gross like these:

"hai awak, boleh berkenalan...."

"hello cik adek, nice pix, kumen2 my pix ok? i'll hit u back"

double duhh. ni yg paling aku menyampah. pakse2 org comment gamba plak. urghh get a life.


Friday, November 27, 2009

knowing myself

sometimes i can become all moody that i know i have annoyed many ppl around me. including my best friends. some ppl dont understand me well, but some ppl greatly did. but still, i cant really hope that everyone wants to understand me. they have their own attitudes also. i fully understand that. thats why when i got angry, i prefer to stay quiet and isolating myself. i just dont want to talk to anybody. everybody has their own ways to vent out their angers and this is how i do it.

im a very sensitive person and im scared to death whenever i screwed other ppl's feelings. but when it comes to the point that im super furious, i dont care about that at all. im so self-centered when im in bad mood. i know this very well. to talk that other ppl becoming a bitch, i should take a look at myself first.

i have many areas lacking in me, but i couldnt be more grateful to have a bunch of friends who accept me for who i am.

i love my friends to bits.

salam aidiladha ppl.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


so the so-called hellish semester has ended. and im still here, happy happy at home with my all my limbs still attached to me. perhaps its my brain that got out of place when the thought of all the piling assignments abruptly bombards my mind. shit.

the exam was okay for me. except for bio paper II which i think i did the worst of all the papers. how could i wrote seminal vesicle instead of synaptic vesicle? perghh that makes me a pervie. which im really not. v(^.^)

in case u dont understand the smiley above, it shows a happy face with a peace fingers. T_T

im grateful that most of my spot Qs did appear in the exam paper. not that im not stdying hard enough to score. i did. but its unfair if i study like crazy but i still cant answer the exam Qs juz because i didnt practice on the freaking past years Qs. so kenela study smart. we're talking about a very strong competition here. u must do what it takes to score. not just to merely depend on your bloody smart brain. unless u're a genius that u can answer all the tough Qs with ur eye closed.

but still, i feel pity and not to mention, guilty to my friends who did study hard, but still cant perform in the final exam just because they missed out the IB books or the past years. work smart babe, act smart.

smpaikan up to one point, i once thought that " baek takpayah belajar je mcmni, finals nnt masuk past years je pun."

but no, Allah knows what we've done and He'll pay our hardworks. wait until semester 4, when the past years cant help u anymore. by then, u can call that a real competition. but not this one. this one is unfair.

but still, that doesnt mean i despise ppl who didnt study but scored well, they were just working smart, weren't they?


Saturday, November 21, 2009


sile sebut title entri dgn gaya paling gedik sekali. terima kasih.

so yesterday everyone acted as if the final exam is over. reality is, its not. chemistry paper 3 and physics paper 2 and also the scariest paper for this sem, english paper 1 n 2 are still waiting. mind you, im scared to death okay becoz tcer roth has already reminded us that she's going to penalize us if our freaking essays dont follow all the layouts that she had given us. for real okay.

anyway, we still had a blast. we chose to watch a movie instead of karaoke-ing. T_T due to mcdee's kegatalan nak tgk abang aaron aziz, we opted for pisau cukur.

u wont be in remorse for watching this film. its awesome, i tell u. and fazura, i love u so much. u're the only person yang i tak menyampah tgk eventho u gedik hell.

malas nak tulis pnjg, ppl pls go watch this movie okay. boleh tgk rahim razali yg gile seks, aaron aziz yg hot, shahreeza yang berlakon mcm kayu tapi his braces makes him a lot cuter, eizlan yusof yg full of charm, maya karin yg fab and many others.



Friday, November 20, 2009

terima kasih cikgu

thanx for all the knowledges u have given us.

but still, MATH SUCKS!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

im sorry

im sorry that i hurt u deeply that i know the wound will never heal perfectly.

its my bad that my bitchy attitude got out of hand and the innocent u received all the curses.

but one thing i want u to know, i love u with all my heart and no one can replace even a bit of u.

forgive me and give me one more chance. ilysm.


say and write

budak-budak zaman 2006.

agaknya ape jadi kat budak-budak zaman 2020?


Sunday, November 15, 2009

this is why i dont want to marry a kelantanese

i dont understand what on earth are they talking about.

bagi i kawen dgn org taiping, pls.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


why not kipas-senang-mati? or kipas-senang-hidup? or kipas-susah-hidup? or kipas-senang-rosak? or lampu-susah-mati? why?

i once pondered about this everytime i read Gempak or Utopia magazines when i was in form 1. but then i thought this must be a new word invented by the comic's artists in order to create their very own identities.

few weeks after that, baru i tau yang the artist merely translated the phrase die-hard-fanz into a malay word. so that it sounds more catchy and interesting and macam hebat. hmmph. terasa diri ini bodoh seketika.

anyway, thats not the main thing i want to talk about here.

now, im super addicted to this one large group. like seriously large that perhaps this is the largest music group in the world. entah tak sure, g google sendiri kalau nak tau sangat.

super junior!! * sile sebut dgn penuh excited smbil buat tangan hi-5*

especially this guy
the dancing master, eunhyuk. apsal kau menari smart sgt?

yes i know mmg lame, mmg lambat gile, mmg ketinggalan zaman nak mampus, mmg outdated, tapi what can i do, i minat SNSD (girl's generation) and wonder girls dulu, baru i minat diorg ni. =D

rokuko! rokuko! rokuko!. kalau tak faham sile abaikan.

p/s : goodluck exam agama semua org. i mls nak bace buku bab kawen2 ni. i jwb based on my experience je. hee =)


Monday, November 9, 2009

same old same old

as u can see, there's nothing much change in my blog except for the picture of 'fanash' bangle decorating my blog title has gone.

dont think negative. it juz that the picture is senget sebelah mase i edit2 tadi and it looked super hideous so i deleted it. bukan i clash ngan bie pastu couple balek pastu clash lagi, NO. im not that type.

so in the mean time, i just stick to these red sunflowers until i found a new layout that win the key to my mind, not my heart because heart functions to pump blood to all parts of the body, not to become all picky when it comes to choosing an awesome blog layout that fit my taste. nampak tak relevannya di situ?

so sorry for all inconveniences eventho i knew that kalau my blog closed under construction pun you all are not affected pun and still can be happy makan kat ds sambil bergosip mcm kat kedai kopi.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


rase mcm nak delete je account myspace. boring hell.

rase cam nak tukar layout blog. bosan dah tgk sunflower pelik kaler merah.

rase cam nak muntah bace notebook bio.


Friday, November 6, 2009

cats betrayal

lawak gila. pls watch this. compulsary!!

the garfield cat is the wifey, the black cat ala2 rusty myra tu is the hubby. enjoy yaw! =)

note : castrate = remove the testicles


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


pagi tadi bile tcer jue announced that this semester punye paper bio include everything that we've learned so far, my sight darkens. pitch-black. rase nak muntah, pitam, pengsan, seizure semua ade.

note : Im in semester 3, and we've learned everything except option yang neorology and behaviour tu.

so what do u expect for me to react? banyak gilaaaaa kot. T_T. and the exam is in less than 2 weeks time. sobs sobs.

everything that we've learned = 1 and 1/4 note books tebal 500 pages kulit keras yang dah lunyai

tu belum msuk chem and math and physics yg satu habuk hape tak start lagi

and my second draft EE need to be submitted within this week. evaluation and conclucion tak bwat lagi. shheeesh.

tolonglah masuk meminang i NOW. pretty pls.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


life is okay so far and i've come up with a few resolutions which are nothing unusual. just hoping to be a better person and leave the bitchy part behind. also to concentrate on my study and not to focus on ZUMA and JOJO'S FASHION SHOW. okay fine, maybe maen sekali sekala boleh kot. release tension kan.

i feel like i have no life when every night me and mcdee will fight on who will turn on their study lamp first before th lights off. and if one of us wins, we'll be overjoyed like a demented wackos. pathetic. T_T. but very fun to do. it should be listed as one of the college's traditions. u can try this at home, no, in your bloody hot room also can.

hoping for a better tomorrow. insya-Allah.