Saturday, October 31, 2009

confuse itu bagus ye

now im officially 19, i clearly know what i want and what i despise in my life. life in bainun and mrsm were full of hypocrisy and bluffs. so im hoping to get to know the real me in this current life. i want to be myself, shaped by my own feelings and not being manipulated by anybody.

im not perfect. nobody's perfect btw. but now i seem to be confused with what we called as friends. up until now, there are very few ppl who i can called my true friends and who are really there when i need them. and who doesnt break my heart with their attitudes. for me, friends are the second most important person in my life, after my family. so i really care about them.

but in the same time, i have this stupid ground that im sticking to. and because i want to be myself, because i want to be firm on my ground, i've been hurting lots of ppl around me. but still, i couldnt care less because im tired of living in a hypocrite world. i really2 want to be me. how i wish someone would understand me more than i understand myself.

sometimes i know what i've done will cause ppl to hate me, but i couldnt help it. yes the world doesnt revolve around me but i have my right to choose my own road and how i want to colour it up.

i hate this uncertainty feeling, and i want my true friends back. the one that i can truly rely upon, and she can rely fully upon me too. shit la this feeling.

btw, now tgh mcm orang gila nak siapkan EE. sobs.

oh tajuk entri adalah tribute to que haidar. confuse itu mcm bawang.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

the treat

this post is special for madihah yusoff and amirah abd wahab, my karaoke partners. =)

thanks so much for your treat at a&w which elevates the level of lipids surrounding my body. hehe. thanks again. *menangis terharu with mate bersinar2*

btw, not badlah burger mozza tu. sedap and sgt mengenyangkan. =D

btw lagi, i think coney dog is not a good name to give to a hot dog. sebab dy mcm homophones kan *cough englishlesson cough". first i dgr name coney dog ni ms i tnye bie what he had for his lunch and he answered:

''bie makan coney dog"

but what i've heard:

''bie makan horny dog"


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the last teen?

awww. finally this day has come. i've been waiting to celebrate my last teen age because later on i dah boleh riak " eyy, aku dah besar tau" or " weh, thun dpan aku dah 20, lagi 5 thn aku dah nak kawen". (=_='') fine takde kaitan.

so thank you thank you thank you for all the beautiful wishes and prayers u've sent me. =)

now is the vain session. once a year je okayy. so shut up and just scroll you cutiey mouse downwards. =P

this is the card that i've told u b4. the english essay one =) cute kan? *say yes say yes*

this one is hand-made by myra azmi kekasih lama. haha. thanks a bunch sayang! very nice and beautifully written. =) i love you!

this carrot card was from madihah yusoff *masih single n available* , my tuuuut roomies together with her anak2 yg tak bernyawa. semua ayat dlm kad ni dusta belaka. =P

kalau u all ingatla kan, i once penah story pasal how hard i cried because of one golden sandal that i wanted so much but the sandal was out of stock at that time.

and the above sandal is the same exact sandal that i wanted back then. bie found this for me as my birthday present. =))

the bag and the top which i love so much are the hadiah iringan from bie =)

the unexpected present from naurah and aien =) a vincci watch yg sgt awesome!thanks so much! untuk lebih vain, meh i zoomkan this picture special for u guyz =)

lawa hell kannnn???? sgt terharu dpt this present =)

but the best present of all is the semburan air + air liur from mulut madihah yusoff. that was the first time i ever kene sembur mcmtu padahal i xde niat nak buat lawak lgsung ms dy tgh minum air. haha. thanks for the unforgettable present ye. =P

ps : alas, all the orals dah habes for this sem. now can concentrate on EE T_T. tcer jue dah mintak and kene submit by next week. and the finals is in 3 weeks time. TT_TT


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dont bother

im hit by an enormous wave of love. so dont bother. love is in the air!! *imagine ade bunge2 di sekeliling*

destiny-jim brickman

What if I never knew
What if I never found you
I'd never have this feeling in my heart
How did this come to be
I don't know how you found me
But from the moment I saw you
Deep inside my heart I knew

Baby you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be my destiny

I wanted someone like you
Someone that I could hold on to
And give my love until the end of time
But forever was just a word
Something I'd only heard about
But now you're always there for me
When you say forever I believe

Baby you're my destiny
You and me were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be my destiny

Maybe all we need is just a lilttle faith
Cause baby I believe that love will find the way
Baby you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
For now until eternity
You were always meant to be my destiny

ily =)


Monday, October 26, 2009

pure exuberance

im very happy this weekend. mainly because of bie of course. he gave me a birthday card, which he wrote it like an english essay. =P but the content is soooo sweeet and i cried right after i finished reading the last sentence. this is the first time he ever said sumthing like that to me. u know, he's not the type of guy who really express out his true feelings. so this is really sumthing out of the blue, which makes me smile ear to ear everytime i re-read the card. =)

i just wanna say million thanks to bie for the lovely bling2 sandal, the cute bag, and the lovely tops he gave me. eheh. once a year je kan. =)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

jgn sedih lee min ho

i went to bukit bintang today, purposely to eat pizza hut there. btw, the new toppings are marvelous and awesome! especially the trio chicken and cheesy chicken. at first bie bising2 tak nak makan pizza because he just ate dominos few days back. but who cares. =P tgk2 dy yang makan paling byk. haha. seriously scrumptious. go and try it ppl. =)

then off we went to sg wang because i want to buy some tops. turned out sg wang has nothing that fit my sense of fashion. acecey bunyi macam gempak je kan. haha poyo. so we wandered around aimlessly, because at 5.30 i want to see lee min ho. yes he's coming to malaysia ppl. and of all the luxurious shopping mall in our country, why on earth that he picked sg wang?? grr. i just dont like the environment in the plaza. the ceiling was like just a few centimeters from your head and it has this sungguh-menyengat-hidung-rase-mcm-nak-muntah smell. like seriously nak muntah. so we walked out of that smelly building.

so there's no live lee min ho right before my eyes to be bragged about. sigh.

we headed to times square instead. =) ahh i love this place. and i managed to find a decent top with a very decent price. hihi.

my friends called me just now. awww they are sooo sweet. haha ksian tak reti nak tafsir sajak. i missed them soooo much. they filled my days in my boring life in the ancient mcs. =D

but then tomorrow im gonna miss my bie plak. =(



i've been suppressing my big big lust for a shopping spree for nearly 3 months. its painful to watch ur friends with all the plastic bags but u're the only who came back home empty-handed. but i murmured to myself, ''takpe,takpe, nnt dah sampai mase boleh shoping mcm org gile". and now the time has come. and yes i shopped like a crazy woman hunting for everything. of course the victim was my bie. =)) his money and his energy are draining off like water but i dont care. haha. i want the satisfaction. ngehee. bukan selalu okayy, bagila can. =) so thanx ye bie for the early birthday presents. ilysm. =)


Thursday, October 22, 2009


will u understand the feeling of having too much workloads until u become numb, not knowing which one u should give the most priority. because all the works are the freaking ticket for u to pass ur international bloody programme. can u understand that?? if yes thank you very much.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


yes i've written my 200th post before and its true that i've deleted it.

im still a malay. i cant afford to break other ppl's heart intentionally. not like some ppl. its devastating to have these type of ppl around u.

the thing is, even i've deleted the post, the point still hit home. i still HATE ppl who are taking advantage on me. using me for their own good to escape some responsibilities. i truly despise these ppl. seriously. but im not showing it. because we're all malays, who cant afford to break and to be broken.

this thing has been bugging me like crazy. it constantly bombards my mind, not allowing me to just forgive and forget.

just dont make me become all bitchy.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

silap besar

its a BIG BIG mistake for coming home this weekend.

  1. upcoming wednesday got chemistry test. and i havent study even a sentence of organic chemistry. this chapter is a bit difficult for me to fathom.
  2. my ee is untouched. still sacred from any changes. and due date is 19th. im a dead meat.
  3. oral bm is not around the corner, its already there in front of my bloody eyes. and my bm notes are everywhere, unorganized.
  4. i have 6 pending physics lab reports that have to be completed together with all those stupid and ugly graphs.
  5. this weekend my mom have sooo many weddings and open houses that need to be attended to. FAT FANA FAT!
  6. i've got my new haircut and my mom doesn't like it bcoz its very very short. and she is grumbling nonstop. i love it, mind u. i prefer short healthy hair rather than a long damaged hair.
sengsaralah i balek kolej nnt.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hari ini dalam sejarah

i screwed up my biology test. the homeostasis and excretion one. it sucks so bad that i want to slap myself for being so numb and stupid during the test. everything went wrong. i cant relate the questions with what i've read. the handwriting was like the ugliest of all the tests that i've gone through. gosh im so scared. now i feel super duper guilty for breaking my teacher's heart.

and the Qs were damn hard. everything have to be explained. EXPLAIN THIS. EXPLAIN THAT. grrr. u see, im a nocturnal person, so my brain was not functioning very well this evening. huh lame excuse LAME. and everyone else's expressions were like "omg senang hell quiz tadi, aku hantar awal gile, before 4.30 aku dah hantar". shoot. im still writing when tcer jue announced that the time remaining is only 1 minute. 1 bloody minute and im still thinking on what to hentam. seriously, majority of my answers are based on logical thinking, not biology-based. T_T.

okayy at least the essay Qs were pretty easy except for the fugly kidney that i've drew. i hate it when everybody submitted their test papers earlier than me when the Qs were busy choking and strangling me until im short of breath yet im still struggling to answer the Qs. if the Qs are easy then its fine with me.

so there's no one to blame. blame myself. yes padan muka aku.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


i will NEVER EVER drink chinese tea again for the rest of my life.



saya sgt jeles dgn mereka ini

sebab ape?? sebab diorg share birthday date yg sama. awwww how sweet is that?


semoga mak n abah dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki and bahagia selalu and sayang kitorg selalu and tambah duit belanja selalu ngahaa wtf anak tak senonoh perangai =P

sayang mak abah sangat2. u both rock my world. =))

as u can see in the picture above, their difference in height is like langit and bumi =PP hoho. tapi maintain romantik and bahagia. i want to be like them. =) *sheepish grin*

naseb bek mggu ni balek umah, abah msti bwk mak g celebrate, woohooo boleh menyibok skali hohoho.


Friday, October 9, 2009


dulu2 masa kat mrsm n skrg pn kat ds mcs yg susunan kerusinye sungguh menguji kerampingan badan dan ur butt, hari jumaat punye menu lunch is my all-time faveret sebab makan nasi kaler kuning or oren bersame2 lauk ayam masak merah and dalca.

and selalunya menu ni comes together with papadom which i dont really like sebab oily gila pastu keras selalu tercucuk kat lelangit i. saket tau tak.

walaupun papadom ni rupenye mcm kopok bika yg sedap n pedas2 manje gitu yg i selalu makan before pegi sekolah agame mase kecik2 dulu, tapi sebenanye papadom ni takde rase pape pn. so dulu kat langkawi i jarang2 sgt amek papadom ni. kalau amek pun bagi kat orang.

actually ape yg i nak crite in this entri xde kaitan lgsung dgn ape yg diceritekan di atas. mmg gedik. i tau.

go and watch this movie ppl. hilarious gila2.

the movie is just about the great love of a papa towards his daughter. simple je kan original idea dy but very beautifully told.

que haidar a.k.a wajib tayang sgtlah cute dlm crite ni n his character yg eccentric sangatlah kelakar okayy mmg gelak tak ingat dunia tadi. harun salim bachik pun same gak. tapi scha belakon jadi pompuan jahat mcm pelik cket but nevermind, the movie was still awesome. =)

and crite ni jgk tibe2 membuatkan nafsu i nak mkn papadom membuak2 sebab papadom dy sangat bulat n besar boleh kira berape circumference dy. pastu siap simpan dalam balang kace lagi. sungguh eksklusif.

malas gile nak cter panjang lebar kat cni so u all sile pegi tgk sendiri ye. tak mahal pun. kat terminal 1 harge tiket dy 6 bux je tau. supportla filem malaysia. =)

ps; my nenek masuk hospital sebab accident jatuh motor and will be operated this monday/tuesday. doakan my nenek ya ppl.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

post ini bukan untuk myra

sebab hari ini bukan besday myra.

sebab myra bukan sudah berusia 19 tahun.

sebab myra tidak comel dan tidak juga baek hati.

sebab myra bukan bestfriend forever saya.

sebab myra selalu tidak bersama saya.

sebab myra tidak besh.

sebab saya tidak sayangkan myra gile2.

birthday girl

my gelak-nganga-mulut-luas-luas partner =D

read the post, minus the 'tidak' and 'bukan' word then you'll know how much i value you as my friend. =)


myra dah tua! myra dah tua! myra dah tua!

hang takleh marah nnt hang jadi lagi tua. hohoho.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

now i feel awfully awful

because the boys of my class are a great cook. like seriously spaghetti diorg bwat sedapp gile okayy. i yang perut melayu ni pun yg mmg anti-spaghetti pn tambah 2 kali.

and there goes my diet. T__T

and i still dont know how to make a nasi goreng. even a cincai nasi goreng pun tak reti. paling hebat pn i reti masak sayur tumis je yg adek lelaki i yg form 1 pn masak lagi sedap from me.

camne nak kawen ni?? TT____TT

ps : rupa2nya ade byk gile skandal baru yg ade dlm batch i ni yg i baru je tau. now i get what tcer Jue was talking about in the class. interesting.


yeah baby

get your ass away from this pervie.

but i think there's one girl will go closer towards ppl with this signboard with pleasure.

*cough my roommate cough*

when u're erecting or ejaculating, announce it to the world guys.

then the world will become a safer and saner place to live.


Friday, October 2, 2009

hey baby hey baby hey

girl say, boy say,

hey baby hey baby hey

hey baby baby

abaikan intro. im crazy over this old song tibe2. cacat.

im lonely this weekend dah jadi mcm anak terpinggir T_T. so petang tadi masa di habiskan dgn melayan movie korea yg disediakan oleh mysoju.

i pilih cerita HELLO SCHOOLGIRL. sebab ape? sebab sebelah title crite ni dy ade tulis "hot". meaning crite tu tgh HOT or pelakon2 dy are sizzling HOT.

note : crite HOT hanye boleh ditonton oleh orang HOT sahaja. ehem2.

okayy biar i crite cket2 sinopsis dy.

dalam movie ni actually ade 2 story yg interrelated ala2 movie CINTA or SEPI. but i will only focus on my faveret couple, yg picture dy the above part of the poster. sile scroll tgk atas skrg. dah? okayy smbung baca balek.

hero is yeon-woo,30 and the heroin is soo-young,18. tgk name heroin, taula mude kan sampai name pn mcmtu. SO YOUNG lah konon. haha. hero sbnanye dah tua n work as a civil servant. hero's life is very monotonous and he himself is very boring, shy and quiet. heroin pulak sgt energetic, camera-freak and cheerful. bunyi mcm typical je kan.

macam besalah dlm movie, incidents happened which will bring the hero n heroin close together. tapi the way both of them rapat sgt sweeeet okayy romantik gila. hero tu pun mcm lurus bendul tapi sgt best. haha. sungguh beremosi i menengok crite ni.

and mcm besalah jugak dlm movie mst ade obstacles2 yg perlu dihadapi. mak si heroin tak setuju pulak ish geram i tau tak. hero tu pun punyela baek tak nak lawan cakap mak heroin. so dy avoid si heroin. i dah meleleh2 time ni. sob sob sob.

and macam besa jugaklah kan movie korea selalunye happy ending. phew naseb bek. tapi ending dy sweeeeet kuase dua. ahaaa. beshnyaaa!

hero dy walaupun agak tua, dah 33 actually tapi sgt cute!

ngeh3. i like this =)

ps: i dah beazam tak nak kutuk2 cikgu lagi. serius rasa bersalah gile n dah takut kalau2 ilmu tak berkat and i tak suka jadi cmtu. praying hard.