Friday, June 20, 2014


Salam all.

Whenever i chatted with my bf about our future life, in the end we always promised each other that we'll live modestly during early years to save money so that we can go travel wherever we want to. Tak apa la kalau awal2 pun duduk apartment n pakai kereta Saga je. As long as we have more savings.

Mann, talk is cheap.

I know my bf is capable of doing so (berjimat cermat) and live humbly since he rarely spends his money to buy things. Believe me, kalau dia takdak gf skrg ni, rasanya duit dia menimbun dah drp apa yg dia ada skrg. He's so careful with his money. Thats why i trusted him with my money (apart from my mom) since i don't really know how to manage my allowance. I depend on him and always ask for his opinion bila tangan aku gatai nk klik2 online shopping.

So that's why i'm worried. Tambah bila tgk org lain hidup senang, kereta mewah, pakai beg branded or baju cantik2. As a girl i can't help but to feel jealous and secretly want to lead the same life that others do. I've been reminding myself over and over again that saving is important. Umur dah 24, tak lama lagi dh mula earn income sendiri. Masa tu lagilaa kena pandai manage duit sendiri.

Hopefully tercapai la impian kami nk travel merata dunia bersama-sama. Buat masa skrg gigit jari jela dulu sambil scroll gambar org lain pegi holiday kt Instagram.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Salam all.

Bulan ni bajet lari. Sebab apa? Sebab makanan.

And make-up.

Yesss. My new obsession. Skrg siap ada bajet each month for make-up. God knows how annoyed my bf was when i begged him to bring this kampung girl to Sunway Pyramid just so that i can bring my butt into Sephora. Lepas tu mcm dh taknak keluar, jakun sgt tgk brg2 mekap mahal kat sana. Some brands tu even x pernah dgr pun nama. I can only afford some NYX lip creams there which i loveeeee. :D

Tapi sebenarnya pegi kelas pakai sunblock and lipstick/lipbalm je. Takdak sapa aku nk impress kt Manipal ni hewhew. Sbb tu guna neutral colors jee.

Selalunya pakai mekap lelebih when i'm on dates. Baru berani pakai lipstick terang2, pastu keep on annoying my bf with Qs like "ok tak warna ni?" "rasa matching tak kaler ni dgn kulit syg?" "lawa tak i hari ni?'' "nampak x bulu mata syg melentik ni? penat tau nk pakai mascara dgn eyeliner!'' hahaha i'll never stop.

I only aim for drugstore make-ups --> Watson and Guardian. Tapi lagi suka Watson sbb ada VIP card hewhew. Ni je yg cek mampu. I'm quite disappointed with local drugstores bcoz their display are not really well-organized. Then byk testers dah habis/rosak tapi diorg x ganti pun. Customers are also to be blamed sbb lepas guna testers ada je manusia yg x reti nak letak kt tempat original dia balik. Habis confuse.

Now everytime i go to malls, I'll go to Watson n try many many lipstick and aim to buy them next month. Oh I wish. haha. This madness will stop after sometime, just like my previous madness with online shopping. ;p

I want to learn some make-up techniques to cover up zits or acne scars on my face. I want to try liquid foundation too since they have more coverage but i don't know which brand is good for me. Takut kalau salah pakai kang habis jadi opera cina or worse, dpt skin break out. Anyways, lots of time to learn :D

Friday, June 6, 2014


Salam all.

i know who my real friends are.

i know;
who's two-faced.
who's genuinely happy for me when i'm happy.
who's secretly jealous of my life and not happy when i'm happy.
who's come to me only when they need my help.
who's really care about me.
who's really understand me despite my temper and moodswing
who's a good listener.
who's only listen but not hear.
who's a good secret keeper.

i know, because i'm at least one of the above to my friends too.

i'm a superficial person. what you see on my face, that's what i'm feeling. i tried to fake it once, but my heart cannot accept it. biarlah apa org kata. bukan hati depa yg sakit.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Salam all.

Today MQA came to our college to evaluate us from all aspects so that we can have the accreditation we have always wanted sebab kalau tak mcmn kami nak keja kat Malaysia kan.

Anyway, salah satu soalan dia tanya masa closed session dgn students tadi:

''Did your college award you if you get good results like straight A's or something?''

We all answered YESSSSS. ''Gold medalist", they said. Then came the question that i always hate:

"Angkat tangan sapa yg pernah dapat?"

Mannnn. I really don't like this. First, i always feel that i didn't deserved it (there's this one girl in my class who is really smart, she deserves it more). Second, ppl will expect more from me padahal aku ini hanyalah insan biasa. If u see me in my class, u will think i'm a dumb or something. I get very nervous when my lecturers directly throws some questions to me that i become blank. Third, when ppl keep on pointing my name when this matter is brought up.

Bukan tak bersyukur, in fact, i'm happy sebab my parents were over the moon because of this. It's just that the title came with a responsibility for you to maintain your performance. Well, that's the purpose but it has become a burden to me T__T. Adoilaaa. Trying to motivate myself right now. I can do it!

Anyway, i think i'll start to write again. Let's see how long this will last. hehe.