Monday, April 27, 2009


dis week is a battle week.

all the quizzes are cramped up into dis week.

bio.math.chemy. n even bm!.

lenguh gle tgn jwb bm td. tulis 2 pages pnuh je pun. blom final lg.

wish me luck.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

ohh kempunan baru

oh oh. mase cepatlah berjalan.

saye sudah tidak sabar mahu balek rumah dan makan sedap2 n banyak2.

saye juge sudah tidak sabar mahu bertemu permata hati.

saye sangat tidak sabar mahu makan nasi beriyani ngan ayam besar kat tarbush. nyam2.

cpatlah ye.




at last, the book angels and demons by dan brown is made into muvie!!!!

lalalaala~ hepy2!!

to whoever yg blom bace lg buku ni, please2 pretty please bace.

much3 more fantastic that the da vinci code taw. seriously.

u'll found this buk breathless, adventurous, gripping, hbat2, ingenious with all the conflicts and riddles.

bacelah. taw2.

if im not mistaken, the mivie will be released on 15th may 2009. but im unsure kat malaysia ble.

the main character is still the i-hafal-all-history-facts Robert langdon, play by the very talented Tom Hanks.

cant wait for it.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what a relief

haih. im so relieved that my IA maths is complete.

the torture is juz unbearable. the pain mounted in my body, penetrating my soul.

the stress got piled up. the pressure keeps on hunting.

but now all the burdens are gone. but not forever.

do not expect to hav a long period of sweet lullaby tym when u're an IB student.

a mountain of books need to be read.

a thick piles of notes are waiting to be memorized.

a long list of assignments need to be accomplished.

stop whining. u chose this path.


Friday, April 17, 2009

a lost

the spoiled brats

i'll be losing my rum8 in this mere few hours.

im so dejected. gloomy2.

ngan sape lg i nak bergebang2 til midnight n mkn megi ruski tomyam same2.

ngan sape lg i nak ponteng usrah n program surau.

ngan sape lg i nak gosip2 n laughing our hearts out.

i lost my other secret+tear pot.

bwat kamu fatin atikah, i sayang kamu n jangan kau coba2 lupakan aku.

do contact me n we can meet up.

gudlak in ur new course at ur new college.

may u get all the lights shone by Allah.




saye sudah punya spec baru! red full-framed. suke2! but still rindu spec lame. huhu.

my hp pn dah elok balek! yabedabedoo! suke3!

syukur alhamdulillah.

tp rase guilty sbb dah abeskan duit mak abah. cowie2.

now dah vowed nak jage spec n hp elok2. hee~


Thursday, April 9, 2009

ya tuhan

im at my limits.

god, lend me some strengths. a pure guidance.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


what a catastrophic week.

-my hp broke down

-my beloved specs is nowhere to be seen. makes me a total idiot in class for my unability to jot down notes on the board.

-the assigments are piling up. the list is getting longer and longer without a fullstop.

-dis weekend hav to go home. make a new spec + repair hp despite all the homeworks.

perfect. just perfect.

i get easily pissed off this week. i curse easily. everytym the thought of my-already-gone specs acrosses my mind, im really upset.

u all, i lost all my contact numbers. so kindly leave ur contact number in the comment. ur number will not be appearing in the list of comments.

thats all.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


ok. first things first.

the shweetness:

-ysterday g jln2 wif all clasmates n tcer Jue around her housing area. pemandangan sgt chanteeek n rumah2 sgt lawaaa. angin sgt cedaaap n kaki sgt penaaat. perut sgt kenyaaang sbb tcer serve kuih mueh sgt banyaaak.

-we dont hav to do the quadrat experiment bcoz sudah out of time. tcer suh copy data MD42 je. n one grup only need to submit only ONE repot. indahnya donia. ngueh3.

-dis morning g SP tgk dancerobic competition. bkn ade dancerobic je, hip hop dance n rope jumping pn ader. sgt cool lah wey. clap3. im so moved to watch all the contestants performing their routines. ade one group nih sgt synchronize n flawless. their movements sgt intricate n difficult. im so astounded.

-its so cool to watch an all-girls grup to win the hip-hop dance category!! sgt hbat bcos all the participants in hip-hop category sume mmg awesome gle lah. mmg sgt tight. if i were one of the judges, i will surely give them all the same high marks. their styles, the way they dressed up, the songs, the dance, everything was super highly cool!!!!!!! omg, im exaggerating it. but its so cool. true2!

-rope jumpers sgt gle hbat ah. b4 this tgk dlm cter Jump It je. skali tgk with in front of my eyes je. they were all skillful n competent. n suprisingly, all the participants for this category were boys. padahal mase kechik2 dolu gurlz je yg suke maen lompat gtah ni. impressed3.

the bitterness.

-ms nak record hip hop dance, tbe2 my hp broke down. screen jd gelap gelite. bile cabut bateri. hp xle nak on lgsg. uwaa...sgt down n i cried in front of public phone ms call bie. dahla phone yg kt sblah tu ade india ngah ckp bsing gle. ingat area tu dy yg punye ke? huhu. nceb bek dawa yg sgt baek lend me one of her hp n bg pinjam sampai my hp ok. maceh dawa!! lap2 u!.

-ble bwk hp tu g kdai repair cine tu ckp kene tukar overall keypadlah, kene chnge the software lah, n kire2 sume kne byr rm100++ n take ty lame nak repair. huhu. pala otak dy la aku nak caye. better ak bwak g kdai yg aku bli hp nih. tp kdai tu kat ipoh. n the nearest hols is semester break mase may nnt. n it is 2 months from now. uwaaaaaaaaa!!!. huhu.=(

-after all the fuss, went to pizza hut. alone. sbab dawa ngan isma nak mkn kat fudcourt je. i dunt mind eating alone bcoz im already craving for the grecian egg pizza for the whole week. but when i arrived there, everyone ignored me. pandang aku pn tak. sialan. 15 minutes i hav to wait for the waiter to take my order. naseb bek sis tu baek, kalo x dah lame mkn penampar seliang.

-pizza hut SP sgt carokkkk!! they dont hav the grecian egg topping! huhuhuhu.=( i wanted it so badly just to be disappointed. pastu set sensasi delight pn xde. apeke carok sgt. huhu. but i ordered jgk set for 1 person sbb dak kebulur sgt.

-while im eating, all other customer stared at me. plek sgt ke tgk aku mkn sorg2. wif my eyes all puffed up form crying b4 that,,sume org ingat aku baru lpas putus chenta kah?? ade sorg makcik ni tgk aku dgn stu pandangan like she was damn worried if i suicide after eating the pizza. ape kejadahnye?

thats all for today.



Friday, April 3, 2009


tomorrow i hav to go to SP, ade dancerobic competition.

pegi tgk je pn.gain experiences.

yg cdeynye, out of 27 dancerobic club members, 4 ppl je yg pegi.huhu.

i'm all geared up to watch the competition. i love aerobic n dancing. its my passion. i even dah ckp kat bie yg when i hav my own money, i wanna register for aerobic and dancing class. ngeh3.

n dancerobic can help me to lose some weights. saye sudah gmok sgt2. my stamina is decreasing steepily.haih.

looking forward for tomorrow. tp hav to wake up early. n hav to walk to SP. huhu.