Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tak tentu arah

b4 i get berserk, i want to share wif u guyz a quote that i found as i flipped thru The Star juz now.

"An intelligent, successful person would cry, beg n flood their partner's mailbox with a dozen of incoherent messages, all because of LOVE."

"In the face of LOVE, any pride that we might have gets flushed down the drain."

"In LOVE, it is anger that triggers us to make the most hurtful remarks n it is pride that steals our tongues when we want to say we're sorry"

"No one is perfect, n it is our battle wif pride and anger that makes up human LOVE."

enuff sweet-talk.


tomorow is the scariest day. shud i just succumb to my fear or shud i keep on mumbling n muttering my heart out.

esok adalah hari pertandingan deklamasi sajak. dan saye perlu mendeklamasikannya di depan satu batch.

sangat sangap lagi sengal.

i never expose myself to this extent whereby everyone will see my face creasing n hear my im-gonna-start-to-cry-u-idiot voice. ohh. malu2.

my self-esteem level is very2 low at dis moment n nuthing can raise it back. even a slight increase. huhu.

juz pray that im not gonna fool myself around n keep on humiliating my dorky face.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


yeyeay!! petang japg mkn piza!!! yeyeayyyyyy!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

birthday wish to my dearie

may brat like us become partner forever n ever
may the bond that bonded us til dis day has doubled itself repeatedly
hopefully, u'll find the true happiness in ur voyage of life

aku hati mulia ikhlas

yesterday we're off to taman sinar harapan, an institution for the mentally-not-so-healthy ppl tp paint their class a mural.

of cos im not the one who designed the mural, my part was to colour up the wall.

we really enjoyed our job that its hard for us to even stop for lunch. hoho.

camwhoring aftr we're successfully done.sorryla zaki muke kau spoil.

the masterpiece

azhurin nyibuks je

mls nak tulis lbey2 nnt riak plak.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Rules:fill the name list first
make it random it's more good
then, answer the question
1 zati froggy
2 myra mamai
3 naura alwi
4 hosni ciko
5 maisarah
6 dj mikey
7 atikah idayu
8 yen
9 eija moi

How do you know 1?
* my brat-partner during schol tym.

What would you do if you never met 2?
*i will not bring tissue wherever i go.

What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
* naura & ciko? suicide tros.

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
*absolutely not. im pretty sure they're str8.

Do you think 7 is attractive?
*her insights and her EYES.haha.

Do you know anything about 8’s family?
*her sis is a doc.

Tell me something about 9?
*rebellious yet sweet.

What language does 2 speak?
* manglish.haha. she's proficient in english.

Who is 3 going out with?
*nadox. btoi ke spelling?

How old is 4?
* same with me, fake 19.

How about 5?
*my cutey ex-junior.

Who is 6 favorite singer?

How about 7?
* dun knowlah.

Is 8 single?
* previously, no. currently, dun know.

What is 9 last name?
* akma i think.

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
*yup. ionic relationship. very strong.

What are you talking about?

Which school does 2 go to?
*convent n mjsc pendang

What do you like about 4?
*his unique way of thinking.


our intricate heart

we always heard the phrase 'only u know ur heart well'. eventho u said that u hate this, u like that, but only u know whats has really been in ur mind n u never tell anyone bout it coz u obliviously always wanted some privacy for urself.

the same thing goes to me.

*situation 1

u know, eventho i always said, mumbled, screamed, uttered, muttered that i hate MATH so much, but actually deep in my heart in hearts i always love the subject and looking forward for it. yes, i am very slow in math, but when i really understand the concepts and able to answer the Qs correctly, it gives me an undescribable satisfaction. i feel great n i can sleep with a wide smile plastered on my face.

but u also know, math is not an easy ubject. well, at least it is not for me. when u met this really2 tough question which even madihah cannot answer it, it spoils everything. then u start to curse on the subject, especially to the Q that u failed to answer. its normal. but as i mentioned above, despite all the curses that u vomitted, u still have this spirit in u to keep on trying. ppl might think that u hav already gave up, but only ur heart knows urself.

*situation 2

this happens when u got a new ferocious and serious chemistry teacher in ur class. a teacher with a not-student-friendly face and voice tone. negative talk is rife among ur friends n u joined them, giving ur fake opinions and notions. while ur mouth excitedly said bad things about her, ur heart murmured sumthing else.

im talking about myself.

i admit the fact that the teacher always underestimate us n fear us with her high tone when we've said/done sumthing wrong, but i enjoy it. seriously. with her behaving like that, i have no time to daydream and able to concentrate myself 100% to her teaching. her very2 high-pitching thunderous voice can effectively kill my sleepiness during the peak tym of the day. also her cold response towards the boys when they cracked jokes made us burst into silent laughter. to see my clasmates facial expression everytym she screwed us up especially naurah,it is truly hilarous. its like i was being entertained.

i know each of us is not the same, for my heart is exactly not the same as ur heart. but im pretty sure that everyone hav their own private opinions about something/sumone n they never spill the beans to anyone, including their most trusted frens.

im just expressing my opinions here. condemning is prohibited. haha. kidding2.


Monday, February 9, 2009

rindu yang terungkai

oh my. post title sgt exotic. eww.

my bff is finally here!! hooray!! i miss u cam gilak taw.

we hav fun like gilak too! n here r wut we did together2:

  • karaoke-ing 10 songs in a row(albeit it didnt seem cool enuff coz she once karok 4 hours non-stop)
  • usha-ing the new vaio pocket lappy. sgt chantekk n nice taw.
  • ate big apple's donut sbab dah kebulur sgt.
  • exchanging cards at popular. we didnt buy it. juz give it, read it, n put it back on the shelf.
  • shopping groceries like hell. bli stok for 1 year. warning: dont buy groceries when u r wif her cuz she'll make u buy everythin.
  • ate at Johnny's. bihun tomyam dy mmg walawey. muallah! ginger rice dy pn sodap. i treat her as her 18th birthday gift. sorrylah yang. fulus pokai.
  • bought a new pinkish bag. (me only. zati muncung cam itik coz initially she's the one who's looking for a bag). saye skali pndang sudah berkenan. tp duit xde. texted bie. then he said "blila dulu gune duit sndiri, nnt bie byr balik" wohoojojojojo! hepy2! u see, my boyfie sgt understanding.hehe. trus grabbed the bag n paid. mulut sengih lebar2. zati still muncung.ngeh3.
  • watched movies. devil wears prada n the art of seduction. but zati broke the record, she continued the marathon til 5 a.m. hbat2.
  • ate megi pama tomyam using chopstick that we stealed from johnny's.cdap2.
  • having heart to heart session yg x menjadi coz always end up wif both of us laughing like crazy. thats the main reason she visited me.
  • camwhoring here n there.
  • ate mee jawa kat penghulu cantik b4 she's leaving. cik mona blanje. mee tu sgt cdaplah. nak lg nak lg.
  • ape lg? dah lupelah yang.
at big apple. ms snap tis pix ade mamat cin usha2 ktorg.pehal?nk join skali ke?

ni pompuan mane tah sesat.
red vaio lappy. oh idamanku. bie, nak2! hee~

baby wif her new pinkish bag. so fana-ish kan?wee2.
to my dearie zati, cheer up ye yang. dont be too bipolar. its dangerous. n thx 4 coming to this primitive kms. haha. love u yang. nex tym i g tmpt u plak k? ngeh3.

me.sasterawati teragung.

let me start off this post wif a long whine.

haaaaiiiiiiiiiih......duhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok.

languange week is one week from now n yet my a4 ppr for the poem is still blank and sacred.

dis is all he's(pronounced as hair) fault. suke-suki je ltak name aku msuk poetry competition.

ohh. my inspiration is far far away from me. how can i write a poem w/out him. sengallah. ilham xmo dtg. sungguh degil ye. babab kang bru taw.

arghh. im depressed. actually poetry is really not my cup of tea. ntah mcmn ms IOP aritu bole suddenly came out with a poem.

blank taw x. dahla kene based on world literature. shoot. n nnt kne deklamasi in front of all these ppl. adoi. malulah i.

ok2. be professional. me, as the sasterawati teragung MD41 and cucu angkat A. Samad Said will give my best despite all the homeworks, lab reports, presentations, studies, cas, etc etc etc.

huhu. im not dat positive. still nk curse. shoooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!