Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm not ready

one day bf asked me,

bf : dah ready belum?
me : (ready apa ni? ready nak kawen ke?) err, belum. (i tak pandai msk lagi). jap, ready apa ni?
bf : ready nak g india laaaa.

happy 53rd independence day, Malaysia.

walaupun saya tak sepatriotik mana, saya tetap sayang Malaysia. saya tak suka bila baca berita, ade insan2 tak educated yg tak reti nak selesaikan masalah secara diplomasi dan harmoni memijak2 bendera Malaysia.

nasib baik saya cuma tinggalkan Malaysia selama 2 tahun. nanti takdela gila meroyan rindu roti canai, nasi lemak, tomyam, teh tarik, rendang, baik saya akan berhenti di sini saja.

sungguh tak ready lagi nak fly.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

i'm a businesswoman

sebab saya bz tak ingat dunia minggu ni dan minggu akan datang. tak apela, merasa pengalaman jd org bz. mmg stress sebab byk silap isi borang. guideline yg diberi sgtla brief and menyesal tak tanya pn. ayuslina habis- habisan aritu.

kredit mnggu ni pun habis mengalir mcm air sebab hari2 mesti call org nak tanya itu ini. semua pn tak sure, semua pn taktau, semua pn takut nak call pn ayuslina. saya dh call dy 2 kali dan sudah pun dimarahi sebab salah isi borang. kene sabar jugak sebab bukan senang org nak bg kita pinjam 400000++ mcm tu je.

paling sedih, duit mengalir mcm whatever yg mengalir lagi laju drp air. i cant think of one. whatever. zaman sekarang ni semua procedure kene bayar ratus2. bayar itu ini. harap2 mara cepat byr duit claim.

lagi sedih drp paling sedih, kene ulang alik g KL setiap minggu. naseb bek dok perak, so dlm 2 jam stgh smpaila. tp kalau dh pegi tiap2 minggu mau pengsan. dahla bulan pose sebegini nak jalan merata-rata pulak. dah selalu sgt stay rumah org smpai naik malu dah muka ni. sobs sobs jd anak perantauan.

dahla, babai.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


when ur other half is having a hard time, u'll be affected too. i'm sad and my hopes are shattered into pieces. but still, i want the best for him. so that his dreams can become a reality someday. i'll pray for u. u always have me by your side.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

boleh mengembang sekembang-kembangnya

tajuk di atas adalah hasil terjemahan saya terhadap tajuk movie yg saya baru tgk 2 hari lepas, The Expandables.

saya yg beria-ria mengajak bf tgk cter ni sebab kat fb ramai yg ckp best. silap besar saya tak baca synopsis cter ni dulu before tgk. excited nk tgk pun sebab ade jet li and steve austin. yeah at first i thought who the hell is this austin?? but when i watched this movie i almost screamed:


sumpah rindu gila tgk dy gusti2 and ber-WWF dgn the rock, triple H, kane, undertaker, chric jericho (hensem kot jericho nih) and thank u so much sylvester stallone for including the gusti2 moment at the end of this movie. terubat rindu i. btw, stone cold is still bald. hehe comel je.

jet li was so ketot in this movie but he caused me to burst into laughter everytime his scenes were up on the screen sebab comel sgt kalau nak dicomparekan dgn mamat2 gergasi tu. well, Asian rocks dude!

that's not the main point actually. anyway, i don't like this movie because it was full of bloods, bullets, gusti ganas2 punya, guns, knifes, bombs, explosives, tortures, kepala pecah, KILL! KILL! DIE! DIE!. god, i was closing my eyes a lot more than i opened them. tak suka ganas2 kecuali part jet li comel. sobs.


Monday, August 16, 2010

the real meaning

just now Hosni posted up this link to urbandictionary on facebook, so i was moved to find out the other meaning of my name.

click on the image for a clearer view.


in case u're lazy to click, let me list down the meanings for ya.


1) an amazingly fun, beautiful, awesome, loveable brown ( i am indeed brown) girl Farhanas are a rare species(?) and few are lucky enough to one and have them in your lives so Farhanas must be cherished and loved forever

2) A girl who can eat enough food to provide for a small village in Africa, yet manages to stay as skinny (??????) as a toothpick. ( HOW I WISH!)


1) A word that can be used to describe something useless.(GRRR)

2) A Spanish slang word (more specifically Cuban) that simply means dick cheese. (what the heck is dick cheese???)

3) A gorgeous, young individual with a great personality,long dark hair,and a hot body(throw up). She tends to be smart, straight forward and lot of people tend to like her. =)))


i think this site is pretty cool as i can learn many acronyms, words and phrases that i never thought exist in this world. btw, there's so many words start with fana-. just to name a few,

  • fanabanna
  • fanabitch (?)
  • fanadian
  • fanana
  • fanaked (?????)
  • fanaddict
  • fanagular

the real meaning of nurul farhana is cahaya kegembiraan. the above case is just for fun. xD


Sunday, August 15, 2010

my dad

abah got his new assignments already and as usual, i'm the one who's doing it. there's this one Q that requires abah (me) to actually draw anything using Paint as a proof that he (me) is very competent using the mouse or the Touchpad. unfortunately, i am never a good artist . or a mouse-user.

this is the time when ur creative and artistic friends come in handy. in my case, i have myra the awesome (bodek sikit hehe). she drew two drawings using adobe photoshop but heck i dont care as long as it looks pretty.

myra, mintak izin curi drawing ko ye. pls, demi abah aku. muehehe. =) these are her awesome drawings,

and this is mine. truth to be told, this is my limit of drawing using paint.

laugh all u can. my mom gelak mcm tak ingat dunia. at first she thought hijjaz drew this. T_T btw, those are a house and a car in case u didn't understand my abstract masterpiece.

when i asked abah just now to pick which one did he prefer the most, guess what did he chose? he picked mine!!! HAHAHAHAHA KAKI BODEK PUNYA ABAH. taula i yg siapkan assignment dy.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

korean stuffs

hai ppl. before this whenever i'm home i never bother to watch TV as everything can be watched online nowadays. even kat melodi pun kalau cerita gosip mesti cakap artis A cium2 dgn artis B, dato' Z sponsored artis Y, etc. they never revealed the real thing. tak thrill langsung. sekali bukak media malaya haa amek kau siap ngan gambar ori lagi cium2. memang class punya thrill.

besides, hijjaz kept on hiding the remote control so that he can watch ding di bo ding di bo di bo ding forever.

the point is, being bored at home, i finally grew a fond relationship with the TV. our relationship starts at 9.03 pm on wednesday n thursday while on monday n tuesday it starts at 10.13 pm because at that time my favourite series starts.

king of baker, kim tak goo.

at first i watched this series bcoz it has eugene in it. i've always been a fan of her since the wonderful life. but it turned out that the storyline is pretty interesting. me n my mom is a diehardfan of this series. tapi mak ckp hero tak hensem sgt. hmmph. he is okay for me. this story has 30 episodes. penat tggu weh awat depa tak tayang hari2, lagi best.

i am your teacher.

cter ni sumpah lawak. penat gelak tgk perangai cikgu tu. this series only consist of 16 episodes and last thursday the 12th episode already airing. that makes 4 more episodes to go. this series even has lee min ho and TOP as cameo.

pikir2 tiba2 rasa nak beli macbook pulak. tapi ade ke apple store kat ipoh?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

the perantauan

I've been to KL last weekend prior to my graduation that was held last Monday. i went there on Friday and had my butt laid on mcdee's bed. haha. i stayed at her house for 3 nights to unleash our crave for hot gossips. hehehe. thanks for the great hospitality, babe. thanks for all the scrumptious food walopun bukan ko yg masak and thanks for all the air yg ko bancuh utk aku. u can still improve on that boohoo! haha.

ahh thanks also for the maggi. sedap! boleh kawen dah kawan aku ni. =P

on saturday, we went to times sq due to my overwhelming desire to shop there. unfortunately, there were no trying signs hanging all over the shops and i couldnt get my hand on those pretty tops. mana boleh tak cuba weh, nnt ketat buat rugi ja beli. silap2 tetas jahitan bila pakai. hahaha. but i still managed to get a top and my dreamt bag. yeehaw!

i also met fatin, my ex-roomate back in KMS. i miss her lots as we haven't met for almost one year and a half. selalu gosip2 dlm phone je. mana puas!

the next day, we went to OU. mcdee's bro was kind enough to send us there. the mall was super huge that my jaw dropped the moment i saw the building. jakun katekan. me and mcdee even got lost in the mall whereby we're supposed to wait for naurah and najaa at GSC but we're waited for them at the TGV instead. hahaha bodo gile dahla yakin je kitorg yg betul. we watched Inception and just like what everyone have aid, the movie was awesome eventho i yawned so many times during the early parts of the story. no need to elaborate more on the storyline, kepala aku pun pening tgk crita tu.

i met my BFF, zatie who was absent from the movie but luckily she managed to come before we headed back home. teehee rindu gilaaaa. its been almost 2 years since we last met. hopefully she can send me off at KLIA on sept. =)

next comes the graduation day. everyone was pretty and smart, and only a few wore songket. hehe. the speech was super long and i couldnt sit still. nasib bek my batch only got 95 students, or else i'll die of boredom. thanks college for the award =D. sedih siot naik pentas 2 kali tapi mak abah takde. so tak rasa bangga mana pun. =( the food were super delicious woh! naseb bek meja aku ade parents sapa tah, kalo tak dh lama tibai habis, muehehehe.

ish sebokla tangga tu

yours truly

the dentist-to-be

abes grad, i set off my feet from mcdee's house and stepped on naurah's place. daddy nau nmpak cam garang gila, bergetar lutut tgk. hehe. finally i got to watch 3 idiots and mmg movie tu kelakar habis. penat gelak2 dgn nau in the middle of the night.

the next day, nau brought me to wondermilk because of my all-time crave for cupcakes. the ambience was very nice and the cuppycakes were so sedaaaaap! i even packed some for hijjaz. baik kan i? hehe. then off we went to mid and shopped like crazy there sebab niat asal pegi mid tak kesampaian. hahaha.

mom called me to head back home that evening bcoz she missed me so much. tipu je haha. sebab takde org nak jaga hijjaz kat rumah. so i pun balik rumah petang tu jugak. sobsob sedih sebab byk lagi tempat nak g and tak puas shopping lagi. =( next time la kot. thanks naurah for being my driver and lending me a place to sleep. =)

thats all. penat gila cerita. dahla aku ni jenis yg tak reti cerita by writing. sorry bahasa tunggang langgang. =)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i'm busy eh eh eh eh

stop telephoning me eh eh eh eh eh eh.

enough of lady gaga-ing. i really2 want to update about my trip to KL where i merempat-ing at my friend's places ang my graduation but i'm so busy right now, completing my dad's assignments.

next time, okay.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


hai semua. buat pengetahuan, saya sekarang hidup menumpang di KL. destinasi pertama adalah rumah madihah yusoff. mak mcdee masak sedap sgt sampai tiap kali aku makan mesti mintak nasi tambah. muehehe.

taktaula smpai bila nak stay sini sebab kene tggu briefing kat HQ mara yg ntah bila tu kan. pasni mungkin akan berkelana ke rumah nau, syasya or myra. bentang kapet merah plis. ngehehehe.


Monday, August 2, 2010

kalau dulu

kalau dulu masa kat sekolah/kolej, tak sabar gila tggu weekend sebab boleh relax, takyah bgn awal, boleh kuar jalan2, boleh sembang ngan kawan2 sehari suntuk, and takpayah mandi pagi awal2.

tapi sekarang tak sabar tggu weekdays sebab cter bersiri korea yg aku follow sume ade mase weekdays je, pastu kalau nak kuar shopping/tgk muvie pun kene tggu weekdays sebab weekend ramai gila org kat malls, mase weekdays hijjaz g sekolah so TV tu aku yg punye kalau tak kene tgk katun 24 jam.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


happy friendship day my friends. thanks for colouring and spicing up my dull life. i love u guys to bits and pieces. =)