Saturday, March 28, 2009


some ppl, they can easily mask their uneasy feelings towards sumone or sumthing.

but not me.

if i dislike, or hate to be precise, it will be obvious. seriously.

everyone around me will notice it. i just cant bear with it.

my fren once told me, " tgk mate fana bile dy xsuke sumthing, sepet semacam." hah. this one i'm not quite sure about it. when im hating, (grammatical error) i dun really hav tym to look into my own eyes.

i've tried so hard to hide the expression of hatred, the coldness of my acts, the numbness of my voice.

but i just cant. thousand apologies.

i dont like ppl messing around with me when i've got nothing to do with thier lives.

i dont like ppl disturbing my life by swimming against the flow.

pls get urself a life so i can hav my normal life back.

some ppl just dont understand n im too ego to surrender.



Friday, March 27, 2009


patience is a virtue.

my ee proposal has been rejected for the 7th time.


+ve fana, be positive. dun be pessimistic.

dig some more, n u'll find it. u're destined for the RQ. its waiting for u to score bingo.

patience is a virtue.

repeat it until u get ur lucky charm. amin~


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rat race

its been a while.

last saturday we had explorace organized by ISMA.

ingatkan explorace dlm kolej je. skali stu seremban kene lari. pnat gle. dahla panas rembang.

here r some pics.

in front of masjid negeri
gmoknye fana rosli!!!

n we successfully secured the 4th place a.k.a. the last place. hoho.

xpela, smgt tu penting. fighto-oh!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kesedaran diri

yesterday i went to a store wif mum n lil bro,hijaz bulat gedebab.

to make hijaz bulat gedebab behave, mum promised him a toy.

but then hijaz bulat gedebab asked for sugus.(a type of sweet, my fav during primary skul)

i said,

"eh, xmalu! mak janji nak beli mainan je. nape adik sbok2 bli sugus?"

he replied,

"adik beli mainan utk adik main. adik beli sugus utk adik makan."

it hit me. really.

saye, student kms yg sedang mgikuti program IB yg dicanang2 program paling hebat seantero donia (muntah dlm hati) masih tidak boleh membezakan kperluan makan dan keperluan hiburan.

i was too startled to defend myself.

adik siapekah ini. buat pengetahuan sume, hijaz bulat gedebab baru berumur 4 thn 7 bln.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


i do want to change my layout.

but i dont hav the strength, the courage, the spirit, the excitement etc etc to rewrite and adding all the gadgets back in place.


just stick to it.



read the headlines for today?

after meeting under a tree, this come up. humiliating.

for me, ppl yg nak memansuhkan pembelajaran sains n math in english are ppl yg cannot foresee the future which is highly competitive and cruel.

its not that we're totally leaving bahasa malaysia behind. u see, subject BM is still being taught in all schools, even college hav this subject. siap blaja sastera dunie lg.

if u r disagree wif this programme, think about ur children. r u willing to see ur children terkial2 nk pick up all scientific terms which are all in english when they're in college? sdgkan anak cine, anak india sume dah one step ahead?

stop being a narrow-minded person. i know the main cause why this programme is objected is students yg kat pedalaman, kampung2 n places yg undeveloped. but think again, this may be a gud motivation for them to succeed. at least they can hav basic english.

apela masalahnye diorg ni. memalukan org melayu. chinese n indians xbising2 pn.

i owe this programme a lot as it helps me to improve my english. seriously.

open up.pls.

im just spilling my thots offence.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

ruined future hols

just now my dad received a phone call from his lecturer, conveying that he has a new assignment on 13th and 14th march.

the same day with the starting of my mid-sem hols.

dad looked at me. im freaking out. i know what he's gonna say.

"kaklong baek kan.....jgn risau, nnt abah byr upah ye...."

luckily im really2 in need for money. i have to agree. its not that i can opt for any other choices.

my hols is already ruined with tonnes of business assgments. tu blum tmbh mine lg. haihh.



i always ponder where on earth Malawi is.

i never heard of the country on any international sports events.

taw x Malawi? ala.. yg selalu sblm name Malaysia bile dlm list of country tuh..

nah mcmn gaye citizen dy. ntah2 org asli. ke org gemok2 mcm He. hahaha.

saje nk get rid of madness. youtube bengong xbg aku sign in.


Friday, March 6, 2009

saye anti "-tics"

all science topics which end with '-tics' really screwed me up.

energetics in chemistry

genetics in biology

kinematics in physics

all these topics made me felt genuinely stupid. moron. idiot.

genetics test was a real wake-up call. jgn perasan kau dah pandai sgt.

when Pn.Juriah is all geared-up to set a retest for us so that our bad results will not make her marklist all in red, sume org bwat muke 'tidak!-aku-tidak-sanggup-revise-chptr-genetics-lagi!'.

but seriously, i do want a retest, but i cant afford to memorize all the crosses done by pak cik Mendel. sangat amat sungguh confusing.

to the ppl who had invented the pedigree chart, take a bow bcoz u have successfully ruining my life.

part energetics plak, sungguh menguji minda for sumbody yg dah lupe stoichometry. all the thoughts of chemical equation and the intricate calculations were all dusty and rusty. sgt terseksa ye bile nak kire number of mol pn terkial2. tapi bile kire hutang cepat plak.

im a slow learner. sgt. n i dont like ppl blame me for that. ko nak marah aku pehal? bile kau slow aku xpenah marah kau pun. owie. ter-emo plak ye.

hols dis tym is filled wif homeworks. math, chemy, biology. pdhal cuti 5 hari je.

tajuk EE was rejected. kene cari lg. haihh.