Monday, January 31, 2011

the end of january

the first month of 2011 has ended. there's nothing special about this month except for the the block exam that i'm currently sitting. 3 papers sudah jatuh, satu lagi mahu pergi which is the hardest one, my beloved dental anatomy and dental histology subject.

so far all the previous 3 papers were quite okay, not that i'm all confident that i nailed the paper but i was satisfied.

i have this one post-examination syndrome whereby i don't have the confidence to check the answer for the question right after the exam ended. usually it took me a few days or even weeks for me to finally muster the courage to check for the right answer and by that time the marks were already out. hehe.

one more thing, i can remember vividly what i've answered in the exam paper, including the turutan of my MCQs answer. its that bad. that's why i was so restless whenever someone discussed and started checking the correct answer from the book. worst thing is that, i got easily disturbed if i know i've answered wrongly and that will make me all down and emotional for a few days.

sometimes strong memory does has its disadvantages.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

blog title

sedih sebenarnya tgk blog title yg baru tapi kita kenela belajar menerima kenyataan bahawa umur memang makin meningkat.

macam tahun ni dah masuk 21 tahun dan pencapaian terbesar saya setakat ini ialah menjejakkan kaki di bumi india untuk buat degree dalam bidang yg bukan pilihan saya pada mulanya.

paling besar ke pencapaian tu?

sekarang ni dah malas nak pikir benda yg remeh-temeh. nak terima je semua benda as they are. tapi memang takleh nak tolakla segala rasa tak puas hati, salah paham dan semua2 perasaan negatif tu kan. semoga dijauhkan dari hati.

merepek apa aku malam-malam buta ni.

mungkin efek ketebalan nota pulp dan periodontal ligament sudah mula menghantui diri. habis ink higlighter aku nak highlight points penting.

rasa simpati kat bf sendiri sebab dapat gf yg tak sweet. demand bf suruh jd sweet tapi diri sendiri blur and bosan naseb baik bf tak g cari gf baru pheww.

i miss u la bf. sebab u selalu bawak i p makan sedap2. hehe. ikhlas ni. =)

sekarang ni rasa nak mencuba sesuatu yg baru membuak-buak so tiap kali kawan ajak pegi cuba benda baru, wajib ikut walaupun duit habis.

macam pegi funfair, naik torra-torra yg buat kepala pening, pegi cuba makan tempat baru, apa lagi ek? hish takleh fikir dah.

tapi ada satu bende je yg saya tak terdaya nak ikut.

jogging di pagi hari di end point bersama myra dan miyn.


Monday, January 24, 2011


dah duduk india memang tak sahla kan kalau tak beli gelang serba-serbi meriah. actually i'm not into these bangles tapi td dah rambang mata sgt lagipun harga memang sangat murah so macam kalau tak beli tu memang macam ko tolak Johnny Depp bila dy masuk meminang. hihihi. jk.

banyak lagi yg lagi cantik, lagi merelap-relip tapi kalau beli pun buat apa kan, bukannya nak p interview nak jadi penari latar shah rukh khan dlm filem dy.

tp rasanya before balik Malaysia nak beli jugak satu set gelang yg paling merelap sampai silau biji mata.



Saturday, January 22, 2011


i bet everyone knows how does it feels to be insulted either intentionally or unintentionally. sometimes i would put the 'i-don't-care' act whenever i sensed someone was insulting me. but there's also times when i took an insult heavily. i pondered about the real message the person wanted to convey to me and i tend to dwell on it for a quite long period of time. what more if the insult came from your friends. sometimes you're confused whether he/she was joking or dead serious regarding what they're talking about because somehow you can't tell it from their facial expression. as for me, whenever i was insulted directly or indirectly, i felt guilty for the excruciating heartache that i had in my heart because i also have tendency to insult people and to make it worst, sometimes i insult people on purpose. so i thought i don't have the right to feel insulted because i also insult people around me. sigh.

Monday, January 17, 2011

our battle

the battle starts tomorrow and will end in 3 weeks time.

so good luck everyone!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

weeks ahead

busy + depressing + sleepless + dying + torturing + excruciating weeks are nearing without any mercy. this block passes by way too fast compared to the previous one. block which i'm saying is not your apartment block or road-block, here it means half of the semester period in Malaysia which is the usual 6 months duration. but in Manipal, 3 months are considered to be one block and yeah, examination is ALWAYS the best way to end a block.

why can't they end it with a happier and stress-free method? sigh.

so block exam is in 3 weeks time and lecturers (or whoever makes it) are happily arranging the exam schedules to our convenience...NOT. so lemme list down all the hurdles + obstacles we're facing before the big day comes as a self-reminder.

11/1 - dental materials class test - impression compound
17/1 - physiological practical + OSPE
18/1 - anatomy viva class test
20/1 - biochemistry class test
21/1 - presentation PBL physiology
22/1 - anatomy block spotters
24/1 - physiology viva

27/1 - 2/2 --> block exam kicks off!!!!

so yeah, thats about it. imagine my suffering throughout the coming weeks. test after test which requires me reading tonnes of notes, handouts, memorizing all the courses, origins, termination and branches of segala bagai arteris and veins. and not to mention, turning me into a zombie.

let us be strong and fight through this like there's no tomorrow. *harapan*

p/s : bila dah list downkan semua ni, rasa bertambah stress sebab baru perasan takdak gap langsung antara semua test tu. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!